Thursday, October 18, 2012

Short Story - 1st Person - Erotica - Penthouse Magazine

Call for Submissions

Penthouse Variations

Penthouse Variations
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20 Broad Street, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Penthouse Variations is a digest-sized magazine, which is published twelve times a year. Editorial content, which varies per month, consists of feature stories and reader letters in some of the following categories:

Anal Sex, Bisexuality, Bondage, Casual Encounters, Dominant Sexplay,
Exhibitionism, Erotic Fantasy, Female Domination, Fetishism, Group Sex, Lesbianism, Masturbation, May/December Affairs, Oral Sex, Role-Playing, Sex Toys, S&M, Spanking, Swinging, Threesomes, Tickling, Transvestism, Video Sex, Voyeurism, Watching My Wife.

Submissions to Penthouse Variations should be typed, double-spaced, and on white paper. If you are making a professional freelance submission to be published as one of our feature stories, be sure to clearly indicate this in a cover letter to the editor. Submissions to Penthouse Variations may only be made by adults eighteen years of age and older. By submitting material to Penthouse Variations, you confirm that you are eighteen years of age or older.

Penthouse Variations publishes first-person narratives in the 3,000 to 3,500 word range, containing explicit sex scenes set within a specific category and placed within the context of a realistic plot with well-developed characters. Stories should be written in past tense. Submissions written in present tense will not be considered. We do not publish poetry of any kind or purchase unsolicited photographic material.

Penthouse Variations does not accept unsolicited electronic story submissions or pay for material sent to the editorial office via e-mail. For your material to be considered for publication as a feature story, you must send a manuscript to the editorial office with your legal name and mailing address printed on the first page. Please include an SASE or a working e-mail address for a reply.

Penthouse Variations will not consider unsolicited material that has been previously published-- in whole or in part--in print, online or in any other format. Penthouse Variations purchases all rights to contracted material. Payment for an accepted, fully revised manuscript is up to $400.00. Two contributor's copies of the magazine are mailed to each author of a feature story upon publication.

Manuscripts usually take six to eight weeks to be read. They may be rejected because of the quality of the writing, a lack of category focus, or because the category described is unsuitable or oversold to us. We strongly recommend that writers read several issues of the magazine to become familiar with our categories, style and vocabulary. Free sample stories and letters may be viewed at Variations web site:
Penthouse Variations is proud of its reader-generated letter sections and less experienced writers should feel free to make submissions to the editor on this basis. Reader letters may be of any length or subject matter and may be typed or handwritten. Letters may be sent to the editorial office via surface mail or e-mail at: Letters to Penthouse Variations magazine are assumed intended for publication and republication in all media, in whole or in part, edited or unedited. All letters become the property of Penthouse Variations. We do not make payments for letter material.

We guarantee confidentiality of all material, both letters and stories. In fact, we choose pseudonyms in order to avoid writers inadvertently revealing their identities in choosing their own.

Thank you for your interest in Penthouse Variations.

Barbara Pizio


  1. Hello Barbara,
    I would like to submit one of my erotic stories to Penthouse but cannot find the email address for submissions. I would appreciate your help very much.
    Greg Wood
    Woodshaft Publications ASCAP

  2. The magazine started to contain interviews, tackling current sexual issues and politics. This experimentation attracted a great deal of interest from the press however in the end was unsuccessful to generate a significant increase in sales. free erotic stories

  3. Flip

    I’ve invented a new game and I wanted to get your feedback. It’s called Flip and it is sexual and naughty in nature. It's a new twist on bondage and domination in that the woman is in control. Normally, you would think of submission but that it why it is called 'Flip'.

    The central idea being that the person being bound gets to say yes or no (Yay or Nay) depending upon what feels good.

    It would require someone, having her hands bound above her head. Not really, the genius comes from imagining that situation. If it is only imagination, then nothing needs to put on or taken off You would also be wearing a blindfold. Although, not really. You just have to close your eyes and imagine that you cannot see what I am doing.

    The elements of the game are simple. At any point in time, you get to say, "Yay" or "Nay." I also get to say "Yay" or "Nay" but, in my case, it's a question whereas, in your case, it's a definite response.

    So, for example, if I wanted to spread the distance between your ankles from 6" to 24", you may legitimately say "Nay."

    There is a timer set for 30 minutes. My objective is to get a "Yay" on the flip. After 30 minutes, the timer starts again regardless of whether or not I've gotten the flip. You start out on your back but I want you on your stomach.

    My strategy is to start at your toes and work upwards. I would include a kiss on the way up and a kiss on the way down. However, I need to start from the outside on the way up and work inwards on the way down. I would avoid any obvious sexual areas on the first pass.

    So, starting from your toes in my mouth, I would massage your foot. After that, it's the calf and thigh but only from the outside. I can't touch the inside of your thigh until I've gotten all the way up to sucking on your finger tips. It's only on the way down that I get to touch the inside.

    Toes, foot, calf, thigh, side, outside of the upper arm, forearm, finger tips. And, then all the way back down again only this time on the inside. We may need to be stoned for this. It could take a while.

    At the half way point, that is, after 30 minutes, you say, "Yay" or "Nay." Do I get to flip you on your stomach or not? Have I pleasured you? Yay or Nay. I need to work for that flip.

    The first kiss comes after tracing the inside of your arms. I would use both hands and draw your head closer to me. After that, I think I would caress the center of your chest (between the boobs) and the center of the stomach. I would come dangerously close to that loveliness between your legs but I wouldn't get there since I would only trace the inside of the thigh at this point.

    There is a timer after all. Once I'm back at your feet, I've done basically the outside and the inside. Now, it's time for the top of the calf and on upwards.

    With my left hand on the back of your head, I would raise your head up slightly and kiss you. My right hand would slip between your thighs and with my right middle finger, I would check to see how things how things are doing.

    After that, I would bury myself between your legs as I was still grabbing your boobs.

    That's just the first half. I still need a "Yay" or "Nay" on the flip. Thats why this game is called Flip.


  4. I have another idea. It takes a simple idea like a card game and turns it into something complex with a couple of different things. I like to play games whether or not it is not for stakes. There is a very simple card game called Crazy 8’s. It is the kind of card game that kids might play. The rules are simple and it doesn’t take all much attention.

    This becomes more a important thing if you are either stoned and/or drunk. You can still play it. Anyway, the game is simple enough. You can either follow suit or you have the same card but in a different suit. So, for example, if I play a 3 of diamonds, you would need to play either play a diamond or a 3 depending on whatever you had in your in your hand.

    The 8’s are special. You can change it to any suit if you have an 8 that follows the same suit of the card that was last played. You also get to play one more card of whatever suit you mention. Jack’s are miss a turn but you still need to follow up with one more of the same suit.

    2’s mean that the other person need to pick up 2 cards. They are additive. The other person may lay down a 2 and lay another 2, regardless of the suit, then it is pick up 4 to the other person. This continues, another 2 means pick up 6. This happens only rarely, but all four 2’s means that the other person needs takes 8 cards.

    There is one other special card. That is the Queen of Spades. If you lay down the Queen of Spades, the other person needs to pick up 5 cards.

    This is not exactly news. It is a very simple card game that you probably already know from your childhood. The difference is that I realized what could be used by a small distraction. This game doesn’t take all much effort to look at what card is turned up.

    I normally like to play this game with another game. This other game kind of depends upon whether or not you and your friends know and like the same kind of music. This game is called, “Smoked Ya,” The object is to name the artist of a song before the other person can. Even if its on the radio before the other person does. Sometimes, it is possible to name it in just a few notes even prior to the lyrics. I am thinking classic rock myself because that is what I like but it could done with anything.

    Anyway, I like games. But, even when I am drunk, I still have a problem keeping my mind active. Both of these games are very simple in that the rules are so very simple in execution. But, if you combine the two of them so that it is active with your hand full of cards, I will still name the new song on the radio before you do. Even if I am trying to focus on cards.

    Crazy 8’s is a simple card game. What I did create was a whole new hierarchy. There are three different levels, each of which is the best out of three games. You can win two out of three games but, then things start over again with the next level.

    The original idea was to win something that didn’t mean anything. The first two out of three games was ‘Bragging Rights’, If you won the next two out of three games, then you win ‘Supreme Bragging Rights’ which is little bit better. If you won the next two out of three games, then you won ‘Ultimate Bragging Rights.’ There is no money involved but you get to shoot your mouth off.

  5. I came up with this game due to the interaction that I had with girl that I used to get really wasted with. It actually works. I tried it There were games where neither of us could hold the number of cards in our hand because both of us were going for the jugular. I have, in fact, picked up eight cards at one time but I followed up with the Queen of Spades and she needed to pick up five cards. We have had games where the pile needed to reshuffled four different times.

    You have obviously heard about strip poker. I’m pretty sure that is a thing. Poker is complex. You have to know whether or not a straight of the same suit beats three of kind or not. That’s the beauty of this game.

    It is so simple that can you play a game where you name the band that is currently playing on the radio but, you are still thinking what is more important? I would call that a single sock. But, you will be distracted by that. So, where are you going to put your attention to win? You have one of two choices.

    I have explained everything yet you do know what is unique. The difference is that instead of playing for money or something doesn’t really mean other than ego, we are going to play for clothing.

    Each one of these levels means winning two out of three games. Even it the girl wins in a row then, I just move on. In theory, this is how I would take something too simplistic and also dirty.

    1. Bragging Rights = Top
    2. Supreme Bragging Rights = Bottom and/or pants
    3. Ultimate Bragging Rights = Underwear (in that naked)

    I may have forgotten to mention about Galactic Bragging Rights. For the sake of argument, let us assume that I won the best two out of three levels for what might possibly has been a total of nine games. As the loser, you (she) would have an option. Even given that she is naked.

    You still have a single game left. And, it is double or nothing. It is not necessary and, to be quite honest, I am hoping that you do not choose this option but there is an opportunity for you to choose 'Galactic Bragging Rights.' If you win, you get to put your clothes back on. If I win, I get to be intimate with you.

    You really should put some thought into that prior to choosing that option. My memory is not perfect but if I know that you are lacking in a certain suit, then I am going pound on that. You may get lucky from the draw but I may also get lucky.